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Putting your donations to good work.

IPSF leverages financial and in-kind resources to support a variety of programs, making significant impact on our city’s first responders and the public safety of our community. The IPSF Board of Directors is committed to furthering its work through these programs, with continual process improvement and data-collection for program analysis.

Program Overview

With the generous support of the Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF affiliate, IPSF and IMPD re-launched the IMPD Cadet program in 2017. Prior to this time, IMPD did not have a consistent pipeline nor any opportunities to engage youth between the ages of 18 and 21 - the age when an individual is able to apply to be a police officer. The Cadet program fills this crucial gap, thus helping to reduce the loss of qualified candidates, especially amongst under-represented communities.

The IMPD Cadets are assigned to civilian roles within IMPD, giving them exposure to both internal and external audiences and preparing them for future careers as police officers. This provides an impactful value to IMPD in ensuring the administrative function of the agency continues to operate at optimal capacity. In addition, IMPD Cadets are offered opportunities for additional training such as Mental Health First Aid, conflict resolution and de-escalation, Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training, Trauma-Informed Care, InterAct (police reporting system), report-writing, physical fitness and more.

Making a Difference

“The IMPD Cadet Program was extremely valuable in providing me training, education, skill-building and support during my journey of becoming a police officer. I believe I am a more well-rounded police officer because of the experiences I gained in the program.”

Michael Graban, Former IMPD Cadet and Current IMPD Police Officer



Cadets have transitioned into careers in law enforcement


Cadets are in the pipeline or application process, which can take up to one (1) year

The IMPD Explorer program was established in 1970 to give youth an opportunity to explore careers in law enforcement.

In 2019, IMPD and IPSF re-branded the IMPD Explorer program - changing the name to the IMPD Junior Cadet program and integrating it into the overall IMPD Cadet program. This established a cohesive pipeline for youth - especially from under-represented communities - who want to serve the City of Indianapolis as police officers. Junior Cadets learn vital life skills such as confidence, communication, de-escalation, service and more. They are also trained in law enforcement activities such as crowd control, traffic management and crisis management.

To learn more about the IMPD Junior Cadet program, please contact Officer Christine Mannina at [email protected].

The Numbers

35 to 40

active Junior Cadets train weekly at the IMPD Training Academy.

3,000 hours

of volunteer service are provided annually by the IMPD Junior Cadets through details and community events.


The Employee Recognition Banquet is a valued tradition where officers and civillian employees are nominated and awarded by their peers for the courageous, dedicated, and impactful work they do for IMPD and the city.

Saying thanks.

Over 140

officers and civilian employees have been recognized as ERB winners since 2012

Over $100,000

has been invested by IPSF and IMPD to support this important initiative.

The original community policing model, the Indy Police Athletic League (PAL) was established in 1940. The original mission of Indy PAL utilized police officers as coaches and mentors for youth sports. “Activities” was added within the past decade to ensure the program utilized athletic and non-athletic programs to build meaningful relationships between officers and under-appreciated youth.

In January 2019, at the request of IMPD, IPSF assumed administrative oversight and financial control of the Indy PAL program. Since that time, IMPD and IPSF have made significant investments in the program and facility. Indy PAL provides the majority of its programming at JTV Hill Center, an Indy Parks facility.

For more information about the Indy PAL program, contact Indy PAL Director Lea Gurnell at [email protected].



in resources developed by IPSF invested in this impactful program


youth participate in one of the many Indy PAL sports or activities

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