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Putting your donations to good work.

IPSF leverages financial and in-kind resources to support a variety of programs, making significant impact on our city’s first responders and the public safety of our community. The IPSF Board of Directors is committed to furthering its work through these programs, with continual process improvement and data-collection for program analysis.



Youth ages 12 to 18 will participate in this unique learning experience.


IPSF’s investment to provide uniforms, charter fees, training supplies and more.


Fire Exploring gives young people valuable insight into the fire service and public safety professions by offering hands-on activities as well as educational development opportunities. This insight we hope will help youth determine whether they desires to pursue a career in the fire service or other public safety professions. IFD is completely aware that all participants may not choose this career path; however, IFD recognizes that a robust Explorer program will produce positive contributions to the City and beyond. IFD has always strived to stay connected to the community we serve, whether its mitigating an emergency or serving the community by attending neighborhood functions that allow people to meet firefighters in non-stressful situations. Fire Exploring is an extension of that mission and it allows our department to promote positive public relations and enhance our role with the youth in our community.

IFD Chief Ernest V. Malone recognizes the impact of building high-trust relationships with youth and providing career path mentorship. Under his leadership, the Indy Public Safety Foundation provided funding to re-activate and re-invigorate IFD’s Explorer program. IFD has also significantly invested in the program’s re-activation by identifying and training seven (7) firefighters and civilian staff to help support the Post’s operation.


With the assistance of OneAmerica’s Human Resource team, sworn and civilian employees of IMPD, IFD, IEMS, Animal Care & Control (ACC) and other DPS staff developed a cutting edge curriculum and training program. This training provided effective, relevant and consistent supervisor/management training for frontline supervisors, which will empower them to motivate, evaluate, resolve conflicts, better communicate, manage change and plan for the future.


The Frontline Supervisor Training provided new, cutting edge training in leadership and management to over 600 first responders from all DPS agencies. This training was the first of its kinds to bring together supervisors from all agencies to receive uniform training. This ensured that supervisors throughout DPS would all be following the same protocols and procedures, but also developed important inter-agency relationships.

Your support will help us meet the needs of Indy's police, fire and EMS.

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