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Putting your donations to good work.

IPSF leverages financial and in-kind resources to support a variety of programs, making significant impact on our city’s first responders and the public safety of our community. The IPSF Board of Directors is committed to furthering its work through these programs, with continual process improvement and data-collection for program analysis.

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) continues to claim millions of lives worldwide. Almost a quarter of all OHCA present with potentially “shockable” rhythms. While resuscitation science has continued to improve the prehospital treatment of cardiac arrest, the vast majority of cardiac arrests occur at home or in the general public.

Without bystander CPR and AED use, the chances of return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) drops dramatically. This is accentuated in lower socioeconomic areas putting these areas at high risk. The IndyCARES AED program was established through a grant from Health and Human Services (HHS) Public Access to Defibrillators program. To date, 48 public access defibrillators have been placed and over 2,700 individuals have been trained on hands only CPR and AED use.

While the majority of the project’s funding was through HHS, IPSF provided supplemental funding to complete the placement of community-based AEDs as well as the necessary batteries and supplies to keep them operational.



AEDs placed in publicly-accessible locations


individuals trained on hands-only CRP and AED use

The Indianapolis EMS Communications Van is used as a forward operations post on several public events throughout the year and is utilized by several agencies in addition to IEMS. The van is equipped with a camera and telescoping mast system that is no longer functional and cannot be repaired. IPSF funded the purchase and installation of a new mast and a camera system that will allow a video feed that is remotely accessible to decision makers from other concerned agencies on large scale events such as the Indianapolis 500, Indy Pride Festival, Brickyard 400, and so on.

There is no shortage of additional examples of the improved utility this camera system will provide to multiple agencies in Indianapolis and surrounding communities. Improved situational awareness allows for better decision making and this system will fill a void that we currently have in our capabilities.



invested in the purchase and installation of a high-quality camera and mast

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