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Putting your donations to good work.

IPSF leverages financial and in-kind resources to support a variety of programs, making significant impact on our city’s first responders and the public safety of our community. The IPSF Board of Directors is committed to furthering its work through these programs, with continual process improvement and data-collection for program analysis.

Project Lifesaver
Keeping patients safe


The Foundation provided limited funding to help support the program, which provides transmitters for patients with afflictions that case they to wander away from their caregiving environments, such as Autism and Dementia. This resource dramatically reduces search time and recovery, thus reducing the burden on DPS resources and, more importantly, the risk of injury or death.


The funding provided by the Foundation allowed this multi-agency collaborative to provide transmitters to 12 participants currently on the waiting list, but without the resources to afford the unit, which costs about $300. This program needs additional funding to support the growing need for services and assist DPS agencies with the logistics to execute.

Your support will help us meet the needs of Indy's police, fire and EMS.

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