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IFD Awarded Prestigious “International Accreditation” designation by CFAI

By Dane Nutty
Published March 04, 2020

Chief Ernest Malone is proud to announce that today, the Indianapolis Fire Department, has earned an official “International Accreditation” designation from the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI). Chief Malone and his support staff were interviewed today, at an 11:20 am hearing, by the CFAI, at the Center For Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) conference in Orlando, FL . The accreditation was awarded after the hearing. The designation comes after an extensive 4 year process, which culminated in a national peer review. IFD hosted the peer review team in Jan 2020, after which, the team unanimously recommended IFD for accreditation. The CFAI commission wholeheartedly supported that recommendation. Accreditation is valid for 5 years.

The IFD pursued international accreditation as administered by the CFAI, through the CPSE. The process, which began in 2016, requires an embedded culture of quality throughout an organization. Both achieving and maintaining accreditation are significant undertakings that demands the combined best efforts of all members of an agency. Accreditation necessitates the development and maintenance of several key documents including a Strategic Plan, Self-Assessment Manual (SAM), Standards of Cover (SOC) and a Community Risk Assessment.

The first step of the accreditation process asked each bureau of the department to identify its key responsibilities and contributions to the overall organization. Then each area was challenged to assess how well its current actions were meeting the needs of both the community and the department. Finally, and most importantly, it required plans to be made, implemented, assessed and revised as needed, to help ensure further improvement of each bureau, and ultimately the department. As a result of the process, firefighters are better prepared, better equipped, and better positioned. While many of the accreditation-related changes occurring within the department are happening within the administration, it is the firefighters on the street who receive the most benefit. These plans will continue as we progress through Chief Malone’s Five-Year Master Plan for the department.

This pursuit of excellence in our organization is an initiative that is fully supported by Mayor Joe Hogsett, in addition to our partners in labor, IAFF Local 416 and President Hank Harris. I am honored to be the Chief of an outstanding, progressive fire department such as IFD. I believe the professional manner in which the men and women of this department perform their duties is second to none, and I am so very proud to serve with them.
— IFD Chief Ernest Malone

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