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IPSF Launches Fund to Support Indy’s First Responders During COVID-19 Response

By Dane Nutty
Published March 21, 2020

We recognize that the prevailing feelings in our community are uncertainty, anxiety and worry. Working firsthand with the incredible individuals of Indy’s public safety agencies during the City’s COVID-19 response, we remain confident in the collective leadership guiding us through this pandemic.

We know that all individuals throughout our community are being significantly impacted by the restrictions put in place to help “flatten the curve” of the virus’s spread. After much thought, in response to inquiries from individuals and partners throughout the community, IPSF is launching the Supporting the Frontline: Public Safety COVID-19 Response Fund.

For the past 10 days, and for the foreseeable future, IPSF’s role in the COVID-19 response is to ensure first responders have the support they need to lead our city through this crisis. Primarily, that has involved a multi-level partnership with local restaurants to support their businesses and provide food for first responders who need to restrict access to limit potential exposure. IPSF has negotiated pricing that helps restaurants continue to pay impacted employees, but also provides cost-effective meals for first responders. However, as the response is changing by the hour, we anticipate this fund will be used to meet other basic needs of first responders and their families. The end goal is simple: support those who are on the frontline.

If you are able and would like help support Indy’s police, fire, EMS and more during this ongoing pandemic response, please use the form below to make a tax-deductible contribution through our secure donation portal. Please only consider a donation if it will not negatively impact you or your family’s ability to navigate the coming weeks.

Thank you for continuing to show why Indianapolis is the best place to live, work, play and visit.

Nichole Wilson, Chair, Indy Public Safety Foundation Board of Directors

Dane Nutty, Executive Director, Indy Public Safety Foundation

If you live in Central Indiana and need help accessing services, please call 2-1-1 to get connected to help. For faster service, visit

To keep updated on the CDC’s guidance on COVID-19, please visit their website, which is updated frequently.

Your support will help us meet the needs of Indy's police, fire and EMS.

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